Cardi B throws mic at fan who threw drink at her during Las Vegas concert

Despite her retaliation, Cardi B was widely praised online for not letting the incident pass.
Last Updated : 31 July 2023, 10:12 IST
Last Updated : 31 July 2023, 10:12 IST

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Cardi B's latest concert in Las Vegas was marred by drama after an audience member threw a drink at her, sparking a retaliation from the Grammy-winning artist.

In a video of the incident that has now gone viral, the singer looked visibly angry and shocked after the audience member threw a drink at her, and retaliated by throwing her microphone at the perpetrator.

She was also seen yelling at the audience before her security team moved in to remove the audience member and calm the singer down.

Jealous Ass Bitch! https://t.co/bPikhCYBYx pic.twitter.com/AUoG7pvtCv

— Cardi B | Updates (@updatesofcardi) July 30, 2023

While the incident appeared to have been a jarring one for Cardi B, the singer was applauded online for retaliating the way she did, with people commenting that she did the right thing and that the attendee deserved it.

One user said, “She did what needed to be done! People need to stop throwing stuff at performers!”

Another advised, “Next time throw two microphones.”

This isn’t the first time that such an incident has occurred and is unlikely to be the last. Of late, there have been multiple instances of audience members flinging objects at performers on stage.

In another similar and recent incident, English singer Harry Styles, formerly associated with One Direction, suffered an eye injury after an object was thrown at him during his show in Vienna.

Several other notable artists have also had to endure such slights: Drake, Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini are just some who have had similar experiences.

Published 31 July 2023, 10:12 IST

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