I detach from work when possible: Richa Chadha

Don't take myself too seriously, I detach from work when possible: Richa Chadha

Richa spoke about playing Zarina in 'Inside Edge 3', which premiered on Amazon Prime Video last week

Actor Richa Chadha. Credit: PR Handout

Actor Richa Chadha says that she tries to detach from work whenever she is not shooting for a project as it helps her stay grounded. She opens up about her recently-released web series Inside Edge 3 and says that her character Zarina, who came across as naive in the first season, has become vengeful in the new installment. The star reveals that she enjoyed the outdoor shoot in Georgia as the whole team made it a point to 'hang out' in the beautiful country.

Edited excerpts from the interview with DH:

How was the experience of working on Inside Edge 3?

We actually began working on the third season even before the second one released. The makers were that confident (about the response). The experience of returning to the world of Inside Edge was not that overwhelming. I enjoyed it.

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How different was your approach to the character in this season when compared to the previous ones?

The character has kind of lost her moral balance and become greedy. She is manipulative. Zarina is out to settle scores. The approach this time was to treat her as a grey character.

Did the positive response to the first two seasons add to the pressure?

The response to the first two seasons was big. The third season had a big scale but I did not feel any pressure on this account.

Did you find any similarities between Richa and Zarina?

The only similarity is that she, like me, is an actress. Apart from that, we have nothing in common.

Most memorable experience from the shoot of Inside Edge 3?

The most memorable experience was when we shot outdoors in Georgia. It was great fun. Everyone was there and we could hang out. It is a beautiful country.

Is there any difference between acting in web series and feature films?

The medium does not matter to us as performers as we always have to do our best.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

The advice was to not take myself too seriously. I was also advised to stay detached from work. I follow these.