Kannada action-drama 'Kotigobba 3' screening halted for the day

A dispute between the film's producer and financier has led to movie halls refusing to play the film at 7:00 am
Last Updated 14 October 2021, 10:02 IST

The big-ticket Kannada release 'Kotigobba 3' couldn't hit the screens on Thursday due to a stand-off between the producer and the financier.

"The screening has been cancelled across the state on Thursday. The film will release on Friday," a representative associated with the film told DH.

Producer Soorappa Babu, in a video, apologised to fans and promised early morning shows from Friday. "There are a lot of reasons behind this problem. But we will start shows from 6:00 am for Sudeep's fans on Friday. I apologise to them," he said.

Sudeep, in a video on Twitter, backed his producer and requested his fans to not damage theatres. "This is a rare situation and I am sure a little patience from all will be my greatest strength. I request all to not get upset with theatres as they have nothing to do with this," he said in a statement. The issue seemed to have been settled as Sudeep announced new distributors for the film and promised a smooth proceedings from Friday.

The action-drama was set to make a roaring start opposite another big 'Kannada' flick 'Salaga', starring 'Duniya' Vijay.

However, a dispute between the film's producer and financier led to movie halls refusing to play the film at 7 am. According to a source, the film's financier is yet to be paid fully.

Hordes of people gathered outside several theatres across the State were left disappointed. In many venues, chaos set in when people refused to leave.

Thousands of fans of the actor raised slogans demanding immediate release and screening. At a few theatres, security was tightened. Owners of the theatres had a tough time controlling the crowds.

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