'Kota Factory 2' series review: A missed opportunity

'Kota Factory 2' series review: Fails to live up to expectations

The makers had the right idea in mind but the execution is not as good as expected

A still from 'Kota Factory 2'. Credit: Netflix

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Alam Khan and Ranjan Raj

Platform: Netflix

Language: Hindi

Rating: 2.5/5


TVF's Kota Factory wasn't really a masterpiece as several portions especially in the last episode dragged, diluting the experience. It, however, became popular despite these flaws as a vast section of the audience could relate to the simple storyline. Moreover, no one really had high expectations from it, something that worked in its favour.

Kota Factory 2 tries to take the franchise forward but fails to live up to the standards set by the first season. The story revolves around what happens when Vaibhav and his gang continue preparations for the IIT entrance examination while facing unlikely adversaries--themselves. On paper, the plot has pretty much everything--right from bromance to teenage romance-- that one would expect from a show meant for the younger generation. It, however, fails to reach its potential due to the mediocre execution.

Good intentions but lacklustre execution

The biggest challenge associated with taking a show forward is that the makers need to recreate the magic of the first season while giving the viewers something fresh to root for. The Family Man 2 did so brilliantly as it explored the protagonist's strained personal life, which was the focus of the first season as well while highlighting his battle with a deadly new foe. The makers of Kota Factory 2 try to follow the formula as the show focuses on the challenges faced by the students while exploring their teacher Jeetu Bhaiyaa's attempts at setting up his own coaching institute. Sadly, these tracks end up diluting teach other's impact. As a result, one isn't able to fully relate to either aspect. 

More depth needed

Infuations and moral dilemmas are inseparable parts of one's formative years. The makers of Kota Factory 2 touch upon these aspects through a scene in which two characters have a heart-to-heart discussion about masturbation. While the thought behind the idea is praiseworthy, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The track needed more depth and would have worked better in a show about sex education than something like Kota Factory 2.

Too shallow

The closing moments of the show feature a heartbreaking twist, which explores a sad reality but the track too should have been explored a lot better in some ways. The lacklustre treatment indicates that the show just spread itself too thin.

The saving grace

That said, Kota Factory 2 is not an unwatchable affair. The scenes revolving around the friendship between the protagonist cater to the 'Gen Y' crowd. Similarly, Jeetu's lectures work well and may take the viewers back to their pre-college days. The makers also manage to incorporate the 'maa' sentiment in the narrative. 

'Jeetu Bhaiya' shines

Jitendra Kumar, as alluded to previously, is the 'star' of Kota Factory 2 and hits the right notes with its sincere performance. He adds depth to the inspirational lines, an important part of the narrative, courtesy of his effortless dialogue delivery. The makers, to their credit, manage to build an aura around the character, the way they had done last time around. Mayur More, who plays Vaibhav, brings out the character's vulnerabilities rather well. Ranjan Raj and Alam Khan too impress in roles at are a bit one dimensional. The rest of the cast serves its purpose.

Final thoughts
Kota Factory 2 had the potential to help the franchise find wider patronage but it ends up being a missed opportunity. While the second season is not a lost cause, it can hardly be called a must-watch. One gets the feeling that Kota Factory 2 wasn't really needed as the core story does not lend itself to more exploration. It will interesting to see whether the makers are able to offer something fresh in the subsequent seasons if they are sanctioned. 

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