'Let It Be' movie review: A nostalgic treat for The Beatles fans

‘Let It Be’ was out of circulation for 40 years, until now. The film, back in ‘70, was grainy and unclear.
Last Updated : 10 May 2024, 23:56 IST
Last Updated : 10 May 2024, 23:56 IST

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Let It Be English (Disney+ Hotstar)
Director:Michael Linday-Hogg
Cast:George Harrison Paul McCartney John Lennon Ringo Starr

It’s near impossible to talk about ‘Let It Be’ without bringing up ‘The Beatles: Get Back’. 

Aptly, the restored 1970 documentary film ‘Let It Be’ begins with a conversation between its director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, and Peter Jackson. The latter’s three-part docu series ‘Get Back’ (2021) was created out of footage originally shot for ‘Let It Be’ by Hogg. 

‘Let It Be’ was out of circulation for 40 years, until now. The film, back in ‘70, was grainy and unclear. The restored version manages to largely fix those problems. What it doesn’t fix though is the absence of context.

Sure, fans of the iconic British rock band will be clued in on the significance of the documentary. It was shot during the making of the album ‘Let It Be’ and also preceded the official dissolution of the band. But one can’t see how, with no supporting commentary or explanation, it could be appealing for the current generation, who are probably unfamiliar with their legacy.  The 80-minute film features the members discussing and rehearsing new songs. It all feels pointless until you realise they were in fact rehearsing for the historic concert on the rooftop of Apple Corps headquarters, the multimedia company founded by the group. That’s how the documentary ends. As it turned out, it was their last major performance as a band. 

The film is far from perfect. But for a fan, it’s gold. There are some great moments — a bearded Paul McCartney performing the title track ‘Let it be’, his eyes fixed on the camera, John Lennon and Yoko Ono waltzing to the rest of the band performing ‘I me mine’, McCartney talking about how he would
write songs together after school. When they begin their rooftop performance, it’s hard not to be swayed by the magic they create together. In one tense moment, we see McCartney and Harrison having an argument. 

Overall though, it’s a realistic look at the dynamics within the group, the challenges of producing an album and the sheer passion for their art.

Published 10 May 2024, 23:56 IST

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