'Mayabazar' is a must-watch

'Mayabazar' retro review: This Sr NTR, ANR starrer is a must-watch

Mayabazar featured Sr NTR in the role Krishna

Cast: Sr NTR, Savitri, SVR and ANR

Director: KV Reddy

Lamguage: Telugu

The mythological drama Mayabazar, which redefined the tenets of Telugu cinema, is a compelling and entertaining film that hits the notes with its nearly flawless presentation. The classic revolves around what happens when Lord Krishna sends Ghatotkacha on a mission to unite Abhimanyu and Sasirekha. The screenplay relies heavily on ‘showing’ as opposed to ‘telling’ and this results in a solid viewing experience.

The romantic track between ANR and Savitri, which is the cornerstone of the first half, makes the desired impact because of the crackling chemistry between the stalwarts. The “gift” scene too is a major highlight of Mayabazar as it furthers the narrative by establishing the equations between the main characters. The film reaches vera levels towards the climax with the wedding scene tickling the funny bone with his deft execution. There are a few twists and turns leading up to the finale which serve their purpose.

Mayabazar features quite a few memorable dialogues with the ‘shani’ jibe stealing the show and adding to the timeless nature of the film.

Coming to performances, SVR hits it out of the park with his lively body language and spot on expressions. In fact, a section of the audience considers him to the ‘hero’ of the film. ANR underplays things quite beautifully complementing the future ‘Mahanati’ like a pro. He ups his game in some of the confrontation scenes and proves his mettle.

Savitri proves to be the surprise package of Mayabazar and mesmerises one and all with her awesome expressions. She is particularly good in the Aha Naa Pellanta number, adding a new dimension to the character.

It is, however, Sr NTR who proves to be the proverbial scene-stealer despite getting relatively less screen time. Mayabazar marked the first time ‘Annagaru’ played Krishna on the big screen and the rest, as they say, is history. The icon would go on to play the character in films such as Veerabhimanyu, Karnan and the unforgettable Daana Veera Soora Karna and establish him as the 'Asal Nayakudu' of Telugu cinema.

The supporting cast is top-notch.

The cinematography appears to be ahead of its time and this bears testimony to the technical finesse of those associated with Mayabazar. The songs are an inseparable part of the narrative with Vivaha Bhojanambu and Aha Naa Pellanta being the pick of the lot.

The younger generation might, however, find Mayabazar too be a bit too long but this is hardly a drawback in the larger scheme of things.

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