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Last Updated : 19 March 2022, 19:57 IST

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Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana!
Jas Kohli
Rupa, pp 200, Rs 295

All hell breaks loose when a hardcore environmentalist ends up increasing his carbon footprint in a way least expected. In his third novel, the author takes humour and satire to another level with his depiction of a quirky family in a small but famous town.

My Trip To
La-La Land

Nandita da Cunha and Tasneem Amiruddin

Harper Children’s,
pp 72, Rs 199

A laugh-out-loud story of friendship and adventure, annoying moms, and new beginnings that includes photos that give you a peek into the culture and landscape of Ladakh.

Zero Day
S Hussain Zaidi

pp 224, Rs 299

Mumbai is in a state of chaos. All traffic signals across the entire city have stopped working. It is the city’s first brush with cyberterrorism: a zero-day vulnerability that could bring the country to its knees.

The Queen Of Indian Pop

Vikas Kumar Jha
and Srishti Jha

Penguin, pp 336,
Rs 599

In this vivid biography, the author captures the entire arc of Uthup’s career in music. From her childhood days in Mumbai to her meteoric rise as India’s musical sensation, the book covers it all.


Mudita Chauhan Mubayi and Adittya Nath Mubayi

Puffin, pp 264, Rs 350

Dive into myths and legends from the Avesta, Quran, Mahabharata, Bible and more. Meet immortal beings and magical creatures like Kag Bhushundi, Girimekhala and Bahubali in anecdotes, fables, quizzes and crosswords.

Published 19 March 2022, 19:35 IST

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