Underpass being repaired to ease traffic at Belegere

Last Updated 07 December 2018, 09:23 IST

Panathur-Belegere road in East Bengaluru has been making news for its pathetic condition, so far. But looks like it is on the betterment path now.

One of the abandoned underpasses in Belagere is being repaired for the convenience of commuters.

One of the underpasses near the Belegere Lake, which the commuters chose not to use as it is in a bad state, is now being restored.

“The underpass will be ready for use by two-wheelers by Tuesday. Most of the apartment dwellers staying close to the lake can use the underpass to hit the outer-ring road,” said Pushpa Manjunath, local corporator.

All vehicles moving on the Panathur-Belegere road to hit the outer ring road have to pass through another main underpass, where the commuters get stranded for hours together.

But now with the repair of the abandoned underpass, the traffic might ease a bit.

“The railway underpass on the Panathur-Belegere road is too narrow that only one heavy vehicle can pass through it at a time. Adding to the problem, a large number of water tankers choke the road. Sometimes, it takes more than three hours to get rid of this 1.5 km stretch. Besides, the road is sludgy and slippery,” said Vijay Thomas, a commuter.

The residents want the road to be repaired soon.

“We need streetlights. Traffic officials need to set some particular time for water tankers as they block the
road during peak hours,” he added.

“The executive engineer of Mahadevapura divison (major roads) was supposed to pay some amount to the railway department. Now, that he has paid it, the railway department should handover the underpass expansion project to an agency. If that happens, the Panathur-Belegere road is sorted,” said Pushpa Manjunath.

(Published 06 December 2018, 18:06 IST)

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