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Old Fashioned Bar specialises in crafted cocktails, coffees and teas
Last Updated 04 January 2019, 13:30 IST

Located in the food hub of the city, Koramangala, ‘The Old Fashioned Bar’ is named after the favourite classic cocktail, ‘The Old Fashioned’. The bar reflects a rustic ambience which is a coffee shop cum workspace during the day, and turns into a buzzing cocktail bar by the evening.

The warm and cosy atmosphere will transport you to the 1960s. Elements like unfinished stone walls, antique artworks, photo frames spread across the 2,400 sq ft area will win your heart at first sight. This place can accommodate 102 people in its two-level space.

Soak yourself with some classic rock, blues and jazz music while you enjoy your time here.

With an aim to specialise in crafted cocktails, coffees and teas, ‘The Old Fashioned Bar’ uses fresh available ingredients to stir up a storm in your mug.

The menu is inspired by some iconic street food from across the globe. You can also enjoy a few local flavours like ‘The Uru Chaat’ and ‘Chicken Nippat Masala’ too.

‘The Old Fashioned Wings’ is definitely a yes! Its creamy texture and the tangy-spicy taste is a good start. If you don’t lick your fingers after every bite, you are missing on something. The ‘Chicken Nippat Masala’ is another bar bite favourite of ours. The fried spicy chicken with local flavours of nippat masala and green chutney is a must try.

However, ‘Ghar Ka Chakna’, which is basically paneer ‘burji’ served with baby wheat parota, has room for improvement. Though the dish was hot and comforting, there was no flavour that caught our attention.

If mustard doesn’t bother your taste, try out the ‘Kashundy Paneer Satay’ — paneer cubes marinated in Kashundi mustard marinade and served with mint dip — is a good choice to devour with your drinks. It is slightly sweet but delectable. The panner could have been softer though.

‘Tangra Fried Eggs’ inspired by the streets of Chinatown in Kolkata, is delectable but might not appeal to the taste buds of those who are not familiar with the taste of ‘tangra’ masala.

Wash down your starters with ‘Mint Old Fashioned’, a vodka-based drink with mint bitters and sugar.

Like all classic old-fashioned drinks, this one is really strong, so, choose this only if you can handle it.

‘Nutty Surprise’, again a vodka-based drink mixed with apricot cordials, lime juice and toasted walnuts will definitely take you by surprise.

Don’t leave their mocktails behind, they are refreshing and are a must-try. If you are a guava lover, Go for ‘Amruth Chaat’, the spiced fresh guava mocktail is sure to make you nostalgic.

The ‘Green Goblin’ is a personal favourite. The unusual mix of cucumber juice, kafir lime leaves and kiwi, makes the drink exotic and definitely tasty.

You can also try their ‘Mango Tart’, which is a mix of aam panna and sweet lime juice, making it a refreshing choice.

If you are not that full, try their
‘Mexicana’ pizza in non-veg and ‘Tikka Shikka’ as a vegetarian option. The thin crust pizzas are crunchy but the taste can be worked on a little. The bites felt dry.

Apart from pizzas, you can also try their pasta, lamb chops and a selection of Indian curries, breads and rice. The
burgers are hot favourites too.

Wind up your meal with some chocolate indulgence. ‘The Prohibition Era Dessert’ is a blessing to your sweet tooth.

The dark chocolate mousse cake coupled with whiskey and a ganache topping served with almond praline, oh! so yum!

You can also try their ‘Pop Tates Sundae’, we promise you will not regret.

* The Old Fashioned Bar, 470, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block. For details, call 49652724.

(Published 04 January 2019, 13:07 IST)

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