In the shadow of terror

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Last Updated : 11 September 2011, 11:23 IST
Last Updated : 11 September 2011, 11:23 IST

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Since then, countries worldwide have beefed up their security measures, introduced draconian measures in the name of national security and made immigration policies stricter than ever. But, despite these steps, the world has not yet come out of the fear of being targeted by terror groups.

When the world is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attack on WTC,  people from different nations talk about their fear of terrorism and how they are craving for
world peace.

Cesar Garza
“Though Mexico has never been a victim of a terror attack, we can feel the bad effects of global terrorism.  The immigration policies have been made stricter in the US and other developed countries. The security check is a tedious process now. US citizens have a wrong notion that citizens from certain ‘countries’ are not reliable. If terrorists get access to nuclear weapons, it would be a matter of great concern. So the world should dismantle nuclear weapons before it falls in to the wrong hands.” 

Momose Toshio
“My country is constantly fighting against international terrorism and training officials from Asian countries and providing them with the knowledge to counter terrorism. Our country is actively involved in the war against terror. It might also be the target of the terrorists one day. The terrorist groups have declared that they would exterminate the US and its allies. So far, my country has successfully prevented the occurrence of terrorist incidents. But we should be ready with a strategy to counter chemical and biological terrorism, which may be the mode of future attacks.”

Monica Perez
“I commemorate the anniversary by going to the church and praying for all those people who lost someone they love. But above all, I pray for forgiveness and to stop violence. 

There is no single-step solution to restore peace. There should be a balanced response to terrorism which preserves human rights and democracy. That is the need of the hour.

And like many people, I also feel that there is no safe place to live in until we eradicate terrorism from earth.”   

Anne Renate Schönhagen
“The collapse of the towers of WTC is the most terrifying images that I have ever seen. When I look back, I can only see the sufferings.

Thousands of people had succumbed to the attacks.  Innocent citizens have become victims. We, Germans, have shown solidarity with countries fighting against terrorism.

But  I see hope while looking at the uprising in the various countries in the Middle-East. Now, with people of those countries fighting for freedom and human rights, we can see a

Bahar Karnik
“Turkey has also suffered a lot in the hands of terrorists and we have lost valuable human lives over the past few years. Now, terrorist groups have grown into a multinational enterprise operating in many countries.

The countries should freeze the accounts of individuals and entities which have ties with terrorist groups.

Like other nationals, we are also worried about the safety of nuclear weapons and chemical and biological terrorism which  can cause eventualities, as most of the countries have no sufficient knowledge to handle such attacks.”
As told to Sudha Hegde
silver lining.” 

Published 11 September 2011, 11:23 IST

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