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Last Updated : 20 September 2013, 16:06 IST
Last Updated : 20 September 2013, 16:06 IST

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There’s no doubt that parents are always more protective about their daughters than sons. And now, with atrocities happening against women day in and day out, this is a time to honour daughters even more. On the eve of Daughter’s Day, Metrolife interacts with daughters of actors and actresses to find out what it is like to be born to famous parents and about the bond they share.

Jayamala and Soundarya

“There’s a lot of expectation from me but I’ve had a normal upbringing. I had to really work my way up,” says Soundarya. Jayamala has set her own standards and now, the same is expected from Soundarya. Jayamala says, “I advise her to be dedicated to her work. She’s been brought up on the philosophy that unless there’s respect for your work, the way forward will be difficult.”

Nisha and C P Yogeshwar

Actor-turned-politician C P Yogeshwar’s daughter Nisha Yogeshwar, who has signed her first Kannada film Ambarisha opposite Darshan, concedes that it’s not easy being the daughter
of an actor and a politician. “The expectations are high and you are always being watched. In this situation, it is very difficult to carve an identity for yourself,” shares Nisha. She’s been inspired by her father’s determination and hard work to excel in everything.

Radha and Karthika

Karthika Nair, daughter of Tamil actress Radha, thinks she’s fortunate to come from a family of actors, who’ve left a mark in the film industry. Karthika confesses, “My mother quit acting soon after her marriage and stardom never affected my childhood. My mother has juggled all kinds of roles and she’s a complete woman.

I hope to be like her.” There’s a tinge of pride in Radha’s voice when she talks about Karthika. “I was shocked when I watched her first film Josh. She was only 17 years then but her performance was superb.

I am fond of girls and in our house, there’s no difference between a boy and a girl. We encouraged our daughter to excel in everything,” she adds.

Esha and Hema Malini

“It’s a privilege to have a beautiful and popular actress as a mother and it is a bigger privilege to be directed by her,” says Esha Deol about her mother Hema Malini. “I’ve grown up watching my mother work very hard. Her uncompromising discipline, be it at work or home, is what I am carrying forward. She is always there for me, giving me strength and support. And I must say that I was brought up as an ordinary child with no starry tantrums,” explains Esha. Hema adds, “Esha is a natural actress and there is nothing pretentious about her. I’ve always taught her to worship work, be it dancing or acting. Her commitment must be undivided.” 

Published 20 September 2013, 16:06 IST

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