Clogged stormwater drain poses hardships to residents

Last Updated 17 March 2019, 17:31 IST

Stagnant water at a rajakaluve has been inconveniencing the residents in Madikeri town.

The sewage accumulated in the canals is now posing a threat of the outbreak of diseases in the vicinity.

Stormwater in the canals could not flow freely as the waste thrown into the canals has been blocking the flow of water. The water has turned dark in colour owing to the pollution.

Residents near old private bus stand, KSRTC bus stand, industrial layout, Kohinoor Road and Race Course Road have been facing maximum discomfort.

Drains in the region are dumped with dry waste such as plastic and also effluents containing toxic chemicals. The residents have expressed their concern over poisonous materials entering Harangi reservoir through Abbey falls.

The citizens accuse the City Municipal Council of apathy. The CMC has failed to maintain the stormwater drains and rajakaluve, they complained.

A resident alleged that shopkeepers and hoteliers having their establishments close to the canals have been discarding all types of waste into the drains, along with releasing the sewage directly to the rajakaluve.

Several lodges in the area do not have drainage connections and the waste is being let directly into the drains.

“We cannot stay in our houses due to the unbearable stink. There is a swarm of mosquitoes daily,” said a resident.

Madikeri Nagara Hitarakshana Vedike president Ravi Gowda said the water in the stormwater drain was clean two decades ago.

“There were lots of fish in the stormwater drain. After the establishment of commercial establishments, the water in the drain has turned bad for aquatic creatures. If the rajakaluve water was free from pollution, the issue of scarcity of drinking water would have been solved to a great extent,” he added.

Even though the CMC commissioner had promised of initiating action against those who are polluting the rajakaluve, no action has been initiated so far.

The members of Green City Forum had cleaned the drains and had urged the authorities to take serious action against the wrongdoers.

A resident of Race Course Road said that the weeds in the drains and canals should be cleared to facilitate the free flow of water.

CMC Commissioner Ramesh said that the rajakaluve will be cleared of the waste in two days.

(Published 17 March 2019, 17:19 IST)

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