'PM Cares Fund not found': New game shows PM Modi jump over obstacles like Chrome dinosaur

Last Updated 22 September 2020, 01:26 IST

Giving a political and satirical twist to the Chrome dinosaur game, a Reddit user reportedly created a game where a representative character of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen jumping over 'obstacles such as coronavirus and the judiciary'.

The browser-based game opens to a black screen with what looks like a PM Modi's animated icon in a saffron Nehru jacket.

"PM Cares fund details could not be displayed because the Government won't allow you to see it," the screen reads, with the error being 'ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT' instead of the usual 404.

Like the popular T-Rex game that pops up on Google Chrome browser when users are offline, the gameplay is more or less the same in the 'PM CARES FUND NOT FOUND' game. The only difference -- users get to control the animated PM Modi's movements instead of the T-Rex dinosaur.

There is one more twist! When an user bumps into an obstacle, instead of the game over screen, one sees a 'GAME NOT OVER' sign. For every obstacle, the game gives the player reasons not to quit.

On hitting the coronavirus-themed obstacle, the game says that even though the cases are going up, there is “no problem. Please continue.”

Similarly, when the player bumps into the representative icon of the judiciary, the screen reads, "Supreme Court gives a free pass. Please Continue."

When one bumps into the citizen icon, the black screen says 'even though the employment rate and the economy declines, all good. Please continue."

The transparency on the PM Cares Fund has long been questioned by the members of Opposition parties.

(Published 21 September 2020, 10:11 IST)

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