Republic Day 2020: Here's how India became a Republic on January 26

Last Updated 26 January 2020, 02:01 IST

Republic Day is celebrated with extravaganza every year. The event is marked with a number of ceremonies at Rajpath in Delhi, and across the country.

The parade at Rajpath is filled with some flamboyant traditional performances where every state represents its culture.

But have you ever wonder why Republic Day is celebrated on January 26 when the constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India on November 26, 1949?

Let's go back to history, shall we?

Before gaining independence from the British on August 15, 1947, it is important to note that India was an independent dominion under the British Commonwealth Nations. The first Indian governor-general of Independent India was Louis Mountbatten. It was created by the Indian Independence Act 1947.

Right after the independence, the Constituent Assembly appointed a drafting committee headed by Dr. Baha Saheb Ambedkar to draft the constitution which would be later passed by the assembly.

The Assembly then adopted the constitution of India on November 26, 1949, but waited for nearly two months to enforce the constitution to honor the 1930 declaration of 'Purna Swaraj Diwas'.

What is Purna Swaraj Diwas?

As it gets more interesting, way before Independence, the Congress, at the Lahore session, passed an electrifying resolution demanding complete independence for the first time.

Hence, on January 29, 1950, India became a federal and democratic republic within the commonwealth, and abolished the British monarchy.

Here's to celebrating the Constitution of India. Happy Republic Day!

(Published 25 January 2020, 11:16 IST)

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