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Following is the chronology of major train accidents since 1990:

May 28, 2010:

Suspected Maoist rebels sabotaged a track in West Bengal's Jhargram area, causing a passenger train to derail and be hit by a cargo train leaving 150 dead.
Jan 2, 2010: Four people were killed and more than 40 others injured in two separate rail accidents due to dense fog in Uttar Pradesh.
Oct 21, 2009: At least 15 people were killed and over 20 others injured when two trains collided near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.
July 11, 2006: At least 137 people were killed and more than 300 others injured when seven powerful bombs ripped through crowded commuter trains in Mumbai.
Oct 29, 2005: At least 100 people were killed when a passenger train derailed and fell into an overflowing river in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh in south India.
June 16, 2004: Mumbai-bound Matsyagandha Express goes off the track over a bridge in Maharashtra's Raigarh district killing 20 people and injuring over 60.
July 2, 2003: At least 22 passengers and motorists were killed in Andhra Pradesh when the engine and two coaches of a train fell off a bridge crushing vehicles passing underneath.
June 22, 2003: In the first major accident on the Konkan Railway, 53 people, including three children, were killed and 25 injured when the engine and three coaches of the Karwar-Mumbai Central Holiday Special train derailed in Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra.
May 15, 2003: A burst stove caused a devastating fire that swept through a speeding passenger train in Punjab, killing 40 people and injuring more than 50.
Jan 3, 2003: Eighteen killed as three coaches of an express train derail in south-central Maharashtra.
Sep 10, 2002: One hundred and twenty are killed when the Kolkata-New Delhi Rajdhani Express derails over a bridge in Bihar.
June 4, 2002: Thirty-four killed when the Kasgunj Express crashes into a bus at a rail crossing.
May 12, 2002: Twelve killed when the New Delhi-Patna Shramjeevi Express derails while passing over a bridge in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh.
June 22, 2001: Forty people killed when the Mangalore-Chennai Mail tumbled into Kadalundi river near Kozhikode in Kerala.
Dec 3, 2000: Forty-six killed and over 130 injured as the Howrah-Amritsar Mail rams into a derailed goods train between Sarai Banjara and Sadhugarh in Punjab.
Aug 2, 1999: Two hundred and eighty-six killed and 359 injured in a collision involving Awadh-Assam Express and Brahmaputra Mail at Gaisal in North Frontier Railway's Katihar division.
July 16, 1999: Seventeen killed and over 200 injured as the new Delhi-bound Grand Trunk Express from Chennai collides with derailed wagons of a goods train near Mathura.
Nov 26, 1998: Over 200 people die as Jammu Tawi-Sealdah Express rams into three derailed bogies of Amritsar-bound Frontier Golden Temple Mail near Ludhiana in Punjab.
Sep 24, 1998: Twenty people, including 14 school children, killed and 33 injured when a train engine rams into an bus at an unmanned level-crossing near Bottalaapalem village in Andhra Pradesh.
Aug 13, 1998: Nineteen killed and 27 injured as a bus rams into the Chennai-Madurai Express train at an unmanned level-crossing on the new Karur-Salem bypass road on the outskirts of Karur town.
April 24, 1998: Twenty four killed and 32 injured at Parali Vaijanath railway station in Maharashtra as 15 wagons of a goods train ram into the Manmad-Kachiguda Express.
April 4, 1998: Eleven people killed on Howrah-Delhi main line as Howrah-Danapur Express derails between Fatuha and Bankaghat stations in Bihar.
Sep 14, 1997: Eight-one killed as five bogies of the Ahmedabad-Howrah Express plunge into a river in Bilaspur district of Madhya Pradesh.
July 28, 1997: Twelve people killed in a collision involving Karnataka Express and Himsagar Express near Faridabad on the outskirts of Delhi.
July 8, 1997: Thirty-three people killed in bomb blast on a passenger train at Lehra Khanna railway station in Bhatinda district in Punjab.
Dec 30, 1996: Thirty-three people killed in a bomb blast on the Brahmaputra mail between Kokrajahar and Fakiragram stations in Assam.
May 25, 1996: Twenty-five killed as an Allahabad-bound passenger train rams into a tractor-trolley at an unmanned level crossing near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
May 14, 1996: Thirty-five of a marriage party killed as bus carrying them collides with the Ernakulam-Kayamkulam train at an unmanned level-crossing near Alappuzha in Kerala.
April 18, 1996: Sixty killed as Gorakhpur-Gonda passenger train rams into a stationary goods train at Donengarh near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.
Aug 20, 1995: Three hundred and two killed as Delhi-bound Purushottam Express rams into the stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh.
June 1, 1995: Seventy-three killed in two accidents in West Bengal and Orissa.
May 14, 1995: Fifty-two people killed as Madras-Kanyakumari Express collides with a goods train near Salem in Tamil Nadu.
May 3, 1994: Thirty-five people killed as Narayanadri Express rams into a tractor in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh.
Sep 21, 1993: Seventy-one killed as Kota-Bina passenger train collides with a goods train near Chhabra in Rajasthan.
July 16, 1993: Sixty killed in an accident in Darbhanga district of Bihar.
Sep 5, 1992: Forty-one killed in a train accident near Raigarh in Madhya Pradesh.
Oct 31, 1991: Thirty killed as Karnataka Express derails near Makaligurga in Karnataka.
Oct 10, 1990: Forty killed in a fire in a train near Cherpalli in Andhra Pradesh.
June 25, 1990: Sixty killed as a goods train rams into a passenger train at Mangra in Daltongunj in Bihar.
June 6, 1990: Thirty-five killed in a train accident at Gollaguda in Andhra Pradesh.
April 16, 1990: Seventy people burnt to death as a shuttle train catches fire near Patna.

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