US headed towards sending troops to Pakistan: Paul

US headed towards sending troops to Pakistan: Paul

"When you bomb a country, you violate their security, their national security and their sovereignty. We are doing that. At the same time, we are giving them billions of dollars. Then you wonder why the government gets in trouble with their people. So I would say why didn't we do it like we did with George Bush?" Raun Paul told the Fox News in an interview.

In an interview to MSNBC yesterday, Paul said trend needs to be reversed.

"To turn the key and the switch and be out of all that mess in one day or two is going to be very, very difficult. But I think the explanation that we don't intend to run these countries and occupy these countries and own these countries would be a big change," he argued.

"Why is it that we continue to bomb Pakistan and the chaos that's going on over there? No wonder it's trouble dealing with their government, because their government and their people are separated. We, in a way, are inadvertently, and some people claim on purpose, is we are causing chaos in Pakistan," he said.

"I am frightened. I think we are going to have troops in Pakistan, you know, six months or a year from now, because they're going to say, 'Well, there's total chaos in there.'
"But how can we deal with a country that we give them both billions of dollars at the same time we are bombing them? Just recently we bombed them, and civilians once again were killed. Why wouldn't they get upset with us?" Paul said.

"So I think the nature of our foreign policy has to totally change. And besides, we can't afford it. Even if people say, 'I just disagree with Ron Paul completely on foreign policy,' they can't disagree with the fact that we're out of money.

"So if they don't cut some of that militarism, they have got to cut food stamps for the poor. And, of course, I don't think that's the right priority," Paul said in response to a question.