Work out the logistics

Work out the logistics

Gymming right Whether you are a gym novice or expert, you should have adequate knowledge of gym safety and hygiene, writes Namrata Verma


Are you making an effort to get into shape or lose weight, and are you someone who looks for a gym that offers group fitness classes such as step aerobics, pilates, yoga, zumba, spinning etc? Most people get attracted to group exercises because it offers accountability; members who participate in group exercises stay longer and are more likely to recommend their gym to family and friends; they get encouragement from being part of a social group; it becomes social media hype for many and those social engagements become important terms which keep pushing you back to the classes.

All these factors seem to have worked well for fitness centres. Having enrolled with a fitness centre, it is important that a gym regular knows what to expect and how to make sure that the facilities are utilised optimally. So, before you sign up with a fitness centre or gym, bear the following in mind:

Are the hours convenient? 

If the gym or fitness centre has limited hours of your favourite fitness routine and you struggle to make a booking for those slots, make sure that you choose your timings to suit yourself. It’s important to match your motivation for that workout and your timings and accessibility. 

Get floored

You must feel comfortable and motivated working out in a group environment which is highly impossible on bacteria breeding grounds and heat insulating rubber floors. Proper hygiene is a must for your wellness.

Customised workouts

You will want to be sure that your gym has the fitness routines you need for maximum health benefits. Do they have accredited programmess like Les Mills, yoga, zumba, pilates, aerobics etc. and then enough infrastructure that you don’t necessarily have to book your sessions, you can simply walk in at your preferred time. There is nothing more demotivating than arriving at the gym to find out that you have been denied entry in your group fitness session. 

Certified instructors

Many a time dance fitness instructors lack teaching experience but get hired nevertheless. Ask the gym manager about the hiring criteria for trainers. Check for years of experience and a certification that’s accredited through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. (Look for one of these acronyms: AFAA, ACE.) 

What is accreditation?

Earning an accredited certification provides verification that you have met the criteria or that workout regime is right to run in a group or for an individual, also, the accreditation of programme (fitness routine) approves that it is safe. Make sure you are not unsafe.

(The author is zumba trainer & partner, Echo Academy)