Pant's the way to go

Pant's the way to go

Your trousers need to spell comfort and style at the same time


Wouldn’t it be great if a pair of pants made you look stylish, took care of your comfort and was easy-to-maintain? There are plenty of options in the market that are wonderful to look at but aren’t as comfortable. How to find a pair that fulfils all your requirements? Let’s find out.

Here’s what you need to look for while buying a pair of trousers:

  • Try multi-waist trousers that give you a great fit at the waist and keep you comfortable just like your favourite pair of joggers.
  • A stretch fabric at the waist is what you should be looking for. It gives you flexibility and brings ease while you are on the move. 
  • Look for features like anti-dust, wrinkle resistant, anti-bacterial and easy clean. Cotton pants, with these features, allow the skin to breathe, help you move with ease in humid conditions and prevent unwanted wrinkles.
  • Find out what’s in trend and what makes for the best of ensembles.
  • After finding the right fabric and aesthetics of the garment, comes the choice of style.
  • We know and love blacks, blues and greys, but to give your wardrobe the tinge that it needs, playing with the tones of these colours is the trick. Get your hands on pastels, subdued tones and even the ones with the vibrant edge to give your wardrobe a boost of colour.
  • While playing with colours, add some elevated patterns of dobbies and structures. Checks, do and always will, stand as a mandate for the men who seek to be the most checked-out man. You can choose bigger checks or even go with the finer ones, played over the colour of your choice.
  • Formal trousers look terrific with a turned-up hem, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s the right time to let your closet taste sheer style with this.
  • The next and the last big choice that comes is the fit of the trouser. This completely depends on your body type and the fit that you prefer — a tapered and looser look.

Try out different colours, textures and even fits for that matter. Experimenting with different looks soon becomes an important skill that will help you pull off any outfit with ease and perfection.