Hostel woes for JNU students

Hostel woes for JNU students


Hostel woes for JNU students

Weren’t issues, experimentation and protests for hostel rooms in Delhi University (DU) not enough that now even students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) are suffering because of lack of hostel rooms.

According to recent reports, students were seen demanding better housing facilities on the University campus. National universities like DU and JNU get students from all over the country but the hostel issue is one of the most ignored areas. First it was the girls of Daulat Ram College who protested for more rooms and now the students of JNU are facing the brunt of lesser accommodations on campus.

The situation is such that three students are forced to live in a single room because of the lack of availability of rooms. Rajiv Nirala, a research scholar at the post-graduate institution shares his concerns. “The authorities have the money to construct hostels but they are not doing so. Rooms are dispropotionate in comparison to the number of students. The crisis is adding to other issues that students are facing.

“Students at the receiving end have not only to pay high rents in south Delhi, but also bear expenses for to and fro conveyance. It burns deep holes into pockets alre­ady stretched to the maximum. One has to think 10 times before moving out from the campus.”

Piyush Raj, joint secretary, Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union (JNUSU), says, “This issue cropped up after OBC reservation in 2008 and after that 54 per cent seats were increased but not the rooms. The UGC has alloted money but the fund has been misused for various things like beautification and constructing a convention centre. A hundred and eighty boys and about 30 girls haven’t been alloted any rooms.”

Whats adding to the trouble is the lack of unsafe environment for girls in the City. Staying in a hostel is always a safer option. But not getting hostel accommodations has left students with no other option but to stay as PGs in neighbouring areas.

Its no better for boys who have to stay out too. A student Arshad Khan says, “I am from UP and have come here to study and stay in hostel as it saves a lot of money, energy and time too. Being an outstation student, it was best for me to stay inside the premises of the college. But now I am living in Munirka but I don’t have any other option.”