Unnati Ghia wins US-India law debate

Unnati Ghia wins US-India law debate

Unnati Ashish Ghia, student at NLSU wins US-India Comparative Constitutional Law Debate.

Unnati Ashish Ghia, a National Law School of India University student, is one of the most renowned debaters in the Bengaluru circuit and recently she added another feather to her cap. 

She was crowned the winner of the US-India Comparative Constitutional Law Debate. It was organised by the US Consulate General in Chennai and Loyola College. With nearly 270 participants, the debate was held in four cities across south India: Bengaluru, Chennai, Tiruchirapalli and Kochi. “The Bengaluru debate took place in my college and I came to know of it through those promotions”, says the NLSIU student. Although not well-versed in the US Constitution, she decided to register as she was learning about constitutional law in college.

“Studying at NLSIU definitely gave me an advantage, in fact, we had an elective that covered the US and India Constitution which greatly helped in my preparations,” Unnati says, while talking about what helped her excel in the competition.

There were a total of 16 participants, four from each city, who qualified for the finals in Chennai. Unnati was one of the four from Bengaluru.

The judging panel for the finals consisted of the top names in constitutional law such as Dr Menaka Guruswamy, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court; Professor Mark Tushnet from Harvard Law School; Dr Abhinav Chandrachud, Attorney at The Mumbai High Court; Geeta Ramaseshan, Advocate at the Madras High Court and Lauren Lovelace, Consul for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the US Consulate General in Chennai. “It was the Bengaluru students who gave me the most competition,” Unnati says, praising the quality of the city’s debaters. 

The debates in the finals revolved around topics ranging from fake news to homosexuality.

“It was challenging presenting arguments in front of such an experienced panel, especially as this was my first debate that was concentrated solely on law”, she says of the finals. Her win, she says, has bolstered her passion and interest towards constitutional law.