I am finally living my best life: actor Flora Saini

I am finally living my best life: actor Flora Saini

She will next be seen in the second season of web series ‘Inside Edge’, slated for a December 6 release

Flora Saini

Chandigarh-born Bollywood actress Flora Saini is known for her performances in the web series, ‘Gandii Baat’ and her the latest film ‘Stree’. Her look in the movie garnered a lot of praise; some even compared it to the ghost in the Hollywood horror flick ‘The Nun’.

She recently debuted in a Bengali comedy web series, ‘Dupur Thakurpo’ (Season 3), as Phulwa Baudi and will be seen playing a part in the second season of ‘Inside Edge’.

Flora, who was last seen in ‘Fraud Saiyyan’ opposite Arshad Warsi, recently received an honorary doctorate for her service in the field of ‘Women Empowerment and Human Rights’ from Karnataka State Open University Campus, Mysuru.

In a chat with Metrolife, she talks about working in the webspace, controversies in her career and more.

You have changed your name from Asha to Mayuri and now Flora. Why?

Asha was never my choice. My first producer thought that Flora was a Western name and people wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. The team thought, Asha would be a better name for their production. They named me without asking me. I consulted an astrologer much later and he suggested Mayuri. Finally, I decided to go back to the name given to me by my parents, Flora. And it worked out pretty well for me (laughs).

You have been working towards the cause of women’s empowerment and human rights. Where do you get your motivation from?

My personal experiences have given me the courage and inspiration to work towards these social causes. I have been a victim of domestic violence and so I support this cause strongly. In fact, last year, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, I came out and spoke about it. I want young girls to know that abuse of any sort is not right. Being an actor, I believe that I have the ability to reach a wider audience. If I can make a difference, however small, with my works, why not!

You are now primarily exploring the webspace...

I enjoy my work, be it television, films or web series. I want to explore new mediums and continue to discover myself as an actor. I started working in the webspace when it was still picking up. At that point, there were very few actors who were willing to explore this platform. I am glad I took that chance. It has been a joyride.

In fact, ‘Gandii Baat’ really worked for your career...

The team was casting for the second season of the series and they called me for auditions. I went in and got through. It all worked out well and the character really took off.

You have been involved in some controversies. How was it to come out of these challenges. Have they affected your career?

These controversies did make things challenging for me, both personally and professionally. But I firmly believe that if you are not wrong, god comes to your rescue. I am living my best life now. Controversies are part of an actor’s life. Everything is okay as long as you know that you haven’t done anything wrong.

You are a part of ‘Inside Edge 2’. How was the experience?

This series is larger than life. We have primarily shot in stadiums and hotels, so it didn’t feel like a shoot. Moreover, I feel blessed to be part of the an Indian web series that was nominated for the ‘Best Drama’ series at the 46th International Emmy Awards.