BJP deploys Sumil Deodhar in West Bengal

BJP deploys Sumil Deodhar in West Bengal

Sunil Deodhar

Desperate to breach the Trinamool Congress(TMC) strongholds in and around Kolkata BJP has pressed one of its most able organisers Sunil Deodhar into service in West Bengal. Deodhar, credited by the party leadership to be one of the key architects of BJP’s victory in Tripura where the saffron party ended 25 years of Left Front rule has been given responsibility of fixing BJP’s electoral strategy for the nine Lok Sabha seats in Bengal where polls will be held in the last phase on May 19. Out of the nine Lok Sabha seats four are located in Kolkata.

According to BJP sources, there are several reasons behind the BJP leadership’s Decision to send Deodhar to Bengal. His track record in major elections such as the last Assembly elections in Tripura and last Lok Sabha elections where he oversaw Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaigning in Varanasi has played a key role in this regard.

“ Deodhar’s impressive performance in Lok Sabha election has prompted the party leadership to send him to Bengal,” a senior state BJP leader said.

BJP sources further revealed that BJP leader’s from Delhi often face difficulty working in Bengal as they are not used to Bengali lifestyle and often face a language barrier. But that is not going to be the case with Deodhar who has spent more than a year in Tripura is very familiar with the Bengali language and culture.

“ He is also quite comfortable with the Bengali food habits,” the BJP leader said.

He also said that Deodhar is focusing on how to optimise the performance of booth level leaders so as to ensure that the BJP does not get overwhelmed by the organisational clout of the Trinamool Congress (TMC). Deodhar is also keen on organising a road shows in Kolkata by the Prime Minister and BJP president Amit Shah.

“ There is a strong undercurrent in favour of BJP in constituencies of Kolkata, North 24 Paraganas and South 24 Paraganas. It has already become a cause of concern for TMC,” Deodhar said.