BJP starts false campaign with IUML flag in Kerala

BJP starts false campaign with IUML flag in Kerala

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) supporters, with green flags, join supporters of Congress as they wave flags prior to the filing of nomination papers by Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in Wayanad on Thursday. PTI

In its desperate fight against Congress president Rahul Gandhi, the BJP is trying to unleash a misleading campaign by projecting the flag of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), an old party that has its roots since Indian freedom struggles, with that of Pakistan flag.

The IUML may initiate legal measures to curb the campaign.

While it was BJP activists who have so far been carrying out the misleading camping on social media, now senior leaders like UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath are taking it up.

The BJP allegedly had the political agenda of framing that Rahul Gandhi is contesting from Wayanad with the support of a political party that has Pakistan- or hardcore Muslim connections and thereby get political advantage from it in North India during the elections.

The IUML was formed in 1948 by the leaders of the pre-Independent All Indian Muslim League, who stayed back in India after the partition.

Incidentally, the IUML's flag is green with a crescent moon and a star, resembling Pakistan flag.

This was indeed a cause for concern among many IUML workers also; earlier there were even some suggestions to change the colour of the flag and to rename the party by replacing "Muslim" with "Minority".

However, the party leadership had not approved it, sources close to the party said.

BJP activist and Delhi-based lawyer Prerna Kumari had recently unleashed a social media campaign by posting a picture of IUML workers celebrating Rahul's candidature at Wayanad.

She put forth the misleading message that Pakistan flags were being waved by workers celebrating Rahul's Wayanad candidature.

On Friday, Yogi Adityanath said in a tweet that green flags were waved at the Rahul Gandhi's rally at Wayanad on Thursday.

He even added that the Congress has been infected by the Muslim League, which is a virus. Think what will happen if the Congress wins, he tweeted.

IUML leader and sitting MP from Kerala E T Mohammed Basheer told DH that IUML has had its presence in Indian parliament since the 1950s and also has a presence in many other states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and even Uttar Pradesh. Hence, misleading campaigns would not have any effect.

Yogi Adityanath often makes provocative statements and hence there was no surprise in his statement, the MP said and added that the party leadership would explore the scope of initiating legal action against such misleading campaigns.