'Now China doesn't have the courage to show us eyes'

Now China doesn't have the courage to show us eyes: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's way of handling the neighbouring countries. He criticised the former prime ministers, saying they never reacted to the challenges posed by smaller nations while PM Modi has successfully handled the neighbours.

"Earlier tiny nations use to challenge us and former prime ministers never reacted. But today if China dares to set its eyes on our borders, our soldiers break necks of their soldiers and throw them back. Now China doesn't have the courage to show us eyes," he stated.

Chouhan was speaking at a rally in Madhya Pradesh's Anuppur district, where by-elections will be held on November 3 and the results will be announced on November 10.

Talking about the state's coffers, he said it is not Aurangzeb's treasure that will be emptied if spent on development. "I'm not Kamal Nath, who won't give a penny for development. I assure you of Anuppur's development. Kamal Nath used to say that Mama had emptied the state's coffers but I said it's not Aurangzeb's treasure which can be emptied," he said.