Thoughts and personae

Thoughts and personae

“We are what we think. All that we are, arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world — in and around us!” Indeed, there is an interesting interconnect between our inner thoughts and inherent persona. Of course, each day, there are fusillades of thoughts, flitting in and out, like guests, in our abode called mind. However, there are those ‘distinct’ thoughts, trying to linger on and on. These particular thoughts are what dictate our persona.

Brooding over these lines, I was blitzed by the thought of what each one would be thinking within himself, depending upon his persona. Like, maybe, an optimistic person would be thinking of all possible positive angles in things gone awry for him. Just as a melancholic person would be morosely thinking of myriad imaginary miserable situations.

A seedy, sleazy, silver-tongued politico maybe thinking of how to deliver scintillating speeches to sweep all votes in the elections. A conniving businessman maybe thinking of perfecting his canny business spiel, to see his customers shell out copious bucks. It is similar to a scamster thinking of several slick strategies of swindling people.

An ostentatious person maybe thinking of odious ways to show off his riches at every opportunity. A zippy, genial-minded maybe thinking of modes to regale people by ramping up the fun-quotient. An adventure-seeker maybe thinking of embarking on dare-devilry expeditions; while a challenge-loving one maybe thinking of encountering new hurdles.

A finicky person maybe thinking of keeping all things around in shipshape condition, while a perfectionist maybe thinking of methods to handle everything with pinpoint precision. A flippant-minded maybe thinking of some frivolous things in life, while a misanthropist maybe thinking of maligning others’ image with many of his slander missions.

A niggardly person maybe thinking of the means to save money, even if it means scrimping and scrounging; while a hedonistic, sybaritic-minded maybe ever thinking of gallivanting around. A goodhearted person maybe thinking of chances to compliment everyone to radiate cheer; while a cynic maybe thinking of vitiating the ambience, by censuring others with caustic remarks.

A lascivious person maybe thinking of prurient sexual perversions while a child-
like one maybe thinking of innocuous ways to bask in simple fun. A short-fused, vindictive person maybe thinking of settling scores and having showdowns with people, while a phlegmatic person maybe thinking of relaxing activities. Well, now what is my sceptical mind thinking? Whether my middle will appear in an untruncated, unmutilated version.