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Last Updated 17 October 2019, 03:51 IST

I used to be under the impression that I wasn’t the average woman with regard to shopping. I did not take forever to select a dress and so my husband was never bored to tears when we went shopping together. I used to pride myself on the ease with which I was able to decide what to buy.

However, the other day I discovered how difficult it is sometimes for a woman to decide what to wear and how easy it is for a man.

There was a wedding in the family and I could not come to a decision on which saree to wear. “I’m not really happy with the saree I have selected for the wedding,” I complained. “It’s a very nice saree,” my husband ventured.

“Oh, it’s a very pretty saree and one of my favourites, such a lovely shade of pink! It’s the blouse I’m not happy with. The old pink blouse no longer fits, so according to the prevalent fashion, I got a blouse stitched in a contrasting green shade, but I don’t like it now.”

“Well, wear any one of your other sarees then,” suggested my other half sensibly, opening the wardrobe.

“Yes, but which one?” I asked, still in the mood to complain. “The blue-green Benarasi looks as old as it is, the yellow one has faded a bit and the blue Kanjeevaram I have worn too many times. Everyone has seen it,” I continued.

“This red Banarasi is gorgeous...” he started, “Yes, but I don’t want to outshine the bride,” I interrupted. “How about this chocolate one?” said my spouse, still trying to help.

“That one looks good only in the evenings, it’s too grand for day wear. This dark green Kanjeevaram would be great but it doesn’t go with my clutch. Now, this purple and pink one looks perfect! I think I’ll wear it. It’s fairly new so the blouse might fit and it also matches my purse!” I say as I excitedly pull out the said saree, only to find that it had a stain on a visible part of the pallu.

I put it back on the shelf, making a mental note to send it to the dry cleaners soon.

“Maybe I’ll wear this dark pink one with the blue border. But wait! I wore it just the other day to a housewarming and many have seen me in it. Ah, now here’s one which I can wear! This green and brown Kanjeevaram is not really new, it belonged to my mother but I have never worn it and so no one has seen it yet!”

“Does it match your purse?” asked my husband, with a small smile playing on his lips. “Oh, I’ll carry another purse... and what are you going to wear?” I asked. “My kurta-pajama,” came his reply.

(Published 16 October 2019, 20:32 IST)

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