Buses from Chamarajnagar to Ooty cancelled

Buses from Chamarajnagar to Ooty cancelled

Buses from Chamarajanagar to Ooty, Gudalur and parts of Kerala, were cancelled on Thursday owing to landslides and heavy rain enroute.

Buses from Bengaluru to Mangaluru were cancelled for the same reason on Wednesday.

KSRTC officials said landslides were noticed between Ooty and Gudalur. Relief operations have commenced.

Buses from Chamarajnagar towards Ooty and Calicut stand cancelled, KSRTC officials said. 

As many as 13 buses headed to Ooty and seven buses to Calicut, all from Chamarajnagar division, were cancelled.

KSRTC operations towards Calicut, Kannanore, Kasaragod, Mangaluru remained suspended.

In Thrissur, a road block caused a huge traffic jam. As many as 10 KSRTC buses were stuck in the jam for nearly three hours.