Dissolution of Assembly is the best way out: Cong MLC

Dissolution of Assembly is the best way out: Cong MLC

Raghu Achar

In the prevailing circumstances, the coalition government should recommend the Governor for dissolution of the Assembly, and go for fresh elections, said Congress MLC Raghu Achar.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, he said, “This is my personal view. But I will express it if I get a chance to speak on the party

“Karnataka politics should be a fine example in the country. But going by current political turmoil, it (the state) is far from being a role model. Getting elected as MLA is in itself a big thing. Keeping this in mind, the MLAs should strive for the development of their constituency for five years rather than lobbying for ministership or other lucrative posts,” Raghu Achar

To a query on the resignation of rebel MLAs, the MLC said, “Rebel MLAs ball is in Supreme Court. I won’t comment on it. I am confident that the government will survive. But it is not right to continue in power by bringing the rebel MLAs back by yielding to their demands.”

“Those who have resigned as MLAs are under the impression that they would get re-elected. But people of their constituencies are watching the developments and they will definitely defeat them in next elections,” he added.