Ruins of Hampi in Mysore!

 The Department of Archaeology and Museums has created a replica of the famous stone chariot to coincide with 500th year of coronation of Sri Krishnadevaraya, an illutrious ruler of the Vijaynagara Kingdom.

As one enters the department office adjacent to B V Karanth Ranga Mandira, one could see the replica of the stone chariot made out of thermocol. From a distance, it looks as if the stone chariot has been relocated from Hampi to Mysore. On the verandah of the office, the jumbo sized photographs of important tourist places inside Hampi have been displayed. A full description of the glory of the Vijaynagara empire has been put up. The discription gives an indepth information on the life and achievements of Sri Krishnadevaraya.

According to history, the coronation of Sri Krishnadevaraya took place on January 23 or 24 in 1510. The photographs include an aerial view of the ruins of Hampi, Hazara Rama Temple, Queen’s Bath place, underground temple, Kadalekalu Ganesha, a huge stone linga.

The department has done a lot in bringing to the fore the marvellous stone sculptures found in and around Hampi. The photograph of the pushkarani excavated about 20 years ago, is really a feast for the eyes. The water in pushkarani remains all the 365 days and make us to wonder the chemistry behind it.

Below each photograph, a detailed description of the place has been given in both Kannada and English.

This would help the viewers to understand the significance of important tourist spots inside Hampi.

According to officials, there has been steady flow of visitors to the department’s office to see the stone chariot as well as the photographs of Hampi.

 The department thought it was the right occasion to put up the exhibition on Hampi in view of the forthcoming event to mark 500th year of coronation of Sri Krishnadevaraya

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