Eshwarappa hints at BJP-KJP merger by Vijayadashami

Eshwarappa hints at BJP-KJP merger by Vijayadashami

Eshwarappa hints at BJP-KJP merger by Vijayadashami

The joint appearance of political rivals KJP president B S Yeddyurappa and senior BJP leader and former deputy chief minister K S Eshwarappa at the Shimoga residence of Legislative Council chairman D H Shankaramurthy on Sunday, is said to be a pointer to the possible merger of the BJP and the KJP in the immediate future.

However, both the leaders denied discussing any such issues at the ‘confidential meeting.’

According to sources, Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa arrived at Shankarmurthy’s residence at 4:15 pm and held a meeting for about one-and-a-half hours. It is said that district BJP unit office bearers, district KJP President S S Jyothi Prakash, Shimoga MP and Yeddyurappa’s son B Y Raghavendra were present at the confidential meeting.

Raghavendra was reportedly very enthusiastic throughout the meeting. Both, Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa went to Nehru stadium after the meeting.

Speaking to reporters, Eshwarappa said “he (Yeddyurappa) is in his party and we are in the BJP. However, our current political positions would have been different if Shankarmurthy was active in politics. We have come together with an intention to do good for the people during the Dasara celebrations. Is it a misdeed if Vijayadashami brings us together?” he questioned.

Positive response

However, Yeddyurappa diplomatically said “there was no discussion on politics. I am here with regard to Dasara celebrations and nothing special about it.”

Though both the leaders have denied discussing any political issues, it’s said that they dwelt on the political move of both the BJP and the KJP at the meeting. Both the leaders have reportedly come to a conclusion that their political career will not be prosperous if they do not come together. So, both of them have reportedly responded positively for the merger, sources said.

According to sources, district BJP will hold a meeting on September 9 to discuss the issue of this confidential meeting. This meeting is likely to lay the foundation for the merger of the two parties.