TMC to ban plastic in Madikeri

Violating shop owners will have to pay fine

The decision was approved at the general body meeting of Council on Thursday, with President P D Ponnappa in chair. The council also decided to seek approval from Government to impose penalty of Rs 10 on general public and tourists who use plastic.
The penalty on shops will be imposed immediately while the proposal to impose penalty on public and tourists will take some more time as it has to be approved by the Government.

Though the Council had declared Madikeri town as ‘plastic free town’ and though plastic usage has been banned, there are heaps of plastic found everywhere in the city. This prompted the Council to think of implementing the ban on plastic usage seriously.

Cattle to goshala
The Council has decided to shift the stray cattle on streets to Mysore Go Shala. The decision came after general public gave warning to the Council to tackle the cattle problem in the city.

Addressing the gathering, member K G Harish said that stray cattle are quiet a menace in the city and since adequate land is not available to accommodate these cattle in Galibeedu and Madapura, they will have to be shifted to Mysore Go shala. President P D Ponnappa clarified that once the cattle are sent to Mysore, they will not be returned at any cost.

Member K T Baby Mathew said that if that is the case, the cattle must be shifted to Mysore Go Shala after publishing the decision at least twice on media. All the members agreed to this suggestion.
The house decided to take steps to control stray dog menace. MLC M C Nanaiah said that a High Court verdict states that it is the responsibility of the local organisations to control stray dog menace.

However, the council decided to capture stray dogs from April 15 to 25 and sterilise them. Council Commissioner K Srikanth Rao said that the project will cost Rs 2. 50 lakh.

Member K G Hairsh, Nandakumar, T M Ayyappa and K U Abdul Razak took exception to the decision of the Council to provide license to the meat shop of Y U Suresh Kumar at Kohinoor road. Citing that Council had decided not to give license to any meat stalls anywhere else other than the market, they said that violation of the decision in this case is incorrect.
Responding to this, Member Sathish Pai said that Suresh Kumar has been running the meat shop at the same place for the last 7 years. Hence, providing license to him is not wrong.

Drinking water
President P D Ponnappa said that water will be provided every alternate days from Kutuhole from May first week onwards. Roshanagar, Pampinakere and Kannandabane lakes are drying up and hence water is being supplied to people through tankers and pipes. The Council approved to provide water to public through tankers.
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