Caving in of hillocks: Houses face threat

Caving in of hillocks: Houses face threat

Houses situated on elevated areas in Bajpe.

Houses constructed on the hillocks at Gurpura, Kandavara, Moodushedde, Paduperar, Malali, and Bajpe are facing a threat from caving in of the hillocks due to landslides.

The houses were constructed on five cents and 2.75 cents of land. With the water springs during monsoon, the hillock caves in, triggering

Already hillocks have caved in at many locations in Gurpura, Matadagudde, Banglegudde, Kanjilakodi, Kandavara, Kolambe, Adyapadu, Parari, Bajpe and other areas. Fearing threat for their life, some families have already shifted to safer areas.

Water has begun to seep into some houses situated on the periphery of hilly areas rendering the houses unsafe for living.

Women living in one such site at Mulooru said, “We constructed houses on the land identified by the government. Now, the houses are facing threat of collapse. Water from the hilly areas enters the house during monsoon. Clearing water inside the house is an additional job for

The problem aggravated as there is no proper facility for the free flow of water in the hilly areas.

The authorities have placed sand bags on some areas to prevent further caving in of the hillock.