Colourful orchids enthral visitors at Kadri Park

Colourful orchids enthral visitors at Kadri Park

A white peacock made of orchids on display as part of the exhibition organised by Alia Orchid Care at Kadri Park.

An exhibition of colourful orchids, dwarf anthuriums and multi-petal rosy adeniums enthralled visitors at Kadri Park on Saturday.

The expo was organised by Alia Orchid Care and was inaugurated by Rev Dr Leo D’Souza, scientist and professor, Laboratory of Applied Biology St Aloysius College.

Rev D’Souza, speaking on the occasion, said, “The people of Mangaluru were not aware of orchids in the past. Now, an awareness is being created. Queenie Lasrado of Alia Orchid Care has nurtured orchids in her garden and has introduced it to Mangalureans. Some orchids that were exhibited are on the verge of extinct. There is a need to conserve such orchids.”

Organic methods

The exhibition aims to showcase the orchid hybrids and species that can be grown successfully in the local temperature, said Lasrado, adding, “The exhibition also aims to encourage organic methods of cultivation and preparing organic nutrients in order to protect the ecosystem.”

Majority of the orchids were imported from Thailand and nurtured by Lasrado. The multi-petal rosy adeniums also attracted the attention of the visitors.

There are around 6,000 orchids, around 1,000 anthuriums and about 500 adeniums on display at the exhibition.

An artwork of a peacock made of orchids was another attraction. Many were seen clicking selfies in front of the peacock made of orchids. Over 1,200 orchids have been used for the artwork.

Uniquely designed clay pots, designed by traditional potters from Kanyakumari, have also been exhibited at the venue.

Training session

A session on the methods of growing orchids will be organised from April 14 to 16 at 10.30 am. In addition to the training session on growing orchids, training on growing anthuriums and adeniums will be organised from Sunday.

The expo will be held between 10 am to 7.30 pm, till April 16.