Road damaged in floods yet to be built

Road damaged in floods yet to be built

The construction work of a bridge going at a snail's pace at Kalur village in Kodagu.

The villagers of Kalur, which was hit by natural calamity last year, are yet to recover from the devastating effect.

The road repair works that have been hit by an inordinate delay, has left people further disappointed.

The only road along with a bridge which connected the village to the highway was damaged in the natural calamity. The repair work has not been completed even till now.

Kalur village is at a distance of 12 km from Madikeri. During the incessant rains and flash floods, the road was buried under silt.

The residents of Kalur complained that even after nine months of the natural disaster, the road has not been repaired. They are doubtful on the completion of the road works before the onset of monsoon, as the works on the road, bridge and the drain are moving at a snail’s pace.

The district administration had earlier promised to complete the road work before the rainy season. However, the assurance has not been fulfilled. The villagers have now threatened to stage a protest against the district administration.

“Pillars that are under construction will be washed away during heavy rains this year. The village will be converted into an island,’’ said Ailapanda Kavita, a resident of the village.

As the road and bridge connectivity have been cut-off, the bus service was discontinued and has not been restored till now. The villagers and the students are compelled to walk for two kilometres to reach the main road.

The schools and colleges are about to reopen and if the roads are not ready by then, the students will be in trouble.

Kavita, meanwhile, said that she has not received the compensation from the district administration till today.

She said when she contacted the department concerned she was asked to inquire in the bank.

When Kavita inquired in the bank, she was told that the compensation amount had not been credited so far.