Second phase of study on Kodava genealogy begins

Second phase of study on Kodava genealogy begins

The second phase of the study on Kodava Genealogy began on May 1, said Codava National Council President Nandineravanda U Nachappa.

Addressing reporters in Madikeri on Friday, he said that the features of Kodava community are being studied. The objective of the study is to provide statutory protection to the Kodavas.

The study is being done under the supervision of the Central and the state governments, he said.

The study in the second phase includes the subjects of ‘Devanele’, traditional healing methods in Kodagu, tribes, folk sports, agriculture, Kodava almanac, festivals, ‘Oor mand’, ‘Nadmand kol’, ‘Manepatt’, ‘Kail poldh’ and ‘Kaveri Changradi’.

Nachappa added that the study of the social, educational and financial conditions of Kodavas was carried out in the first phase.

CNC office-bearers Pullera Kalappa, Chambanda Janat and Kandera Suresh were present.