RIP Puneeth Rajkumar: How the superstar met his wife

RIP Puneeth Rajkumar: How the superstar met his wife Ashwini

Ashwini says she is proud to be married into the Rajkumar family

Puneeth Rajkumar and his wife Ashwini. Credit: DH File Photo

Their love blossomed under limelight yet remained under wraps. Scion of Sandalwood’s first family, he was a superstar-in-waiting. She, a feisty and effervescent youngster, not really daunted by his status.

Puneeth Rajkumar had basked in the limelight as a child superstar and was bracing himself up for a shot at superstardom, as an adult when he met Ashwini, who had just completed her studies, through common friends. There were no instant sparks though. But they moved around in common circles for a while before realising that they were getting closer.

They soon began dating and the courtship lasted a year before they decided to tie the knot.

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“I still remember how nervous I was to broach the subject of my marriage with Ashwini to my parents. I had never spoken to them so freely and openly about such matters. It was the first time I stood before my father and told him I wanted to marry this girl I loved. He then asked me to tell my mother and soon things began falling in place,” Puneeth told Metrolife.

At first, the idea of a joint family and nothing less than 30 members in one house irked Ashwini. But it was not long before Ashwini slipped into the groove and made herself at home.

“Appaji loved sweets and I would make sure that my weekends were devoted to making sweets and desserts for the family,” she says.

It’s been 10 years since the couple tied the knot. “And it’s been great. We have had our differences but we sort it out in no time to get back together,” says Puneeth.

Ashwini pitches in, “I am a little egotistic and don’t give in so easily but Puneeth brings me around and soon our differences become no differences at all.” she says.

Ashwini says she is proud to be married into the Rajkumar family.

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“The love, affection and the sense of togetherness that the family has taught me is truly amazing,” she confesses. She had watched enough Rajkumar’s films and had a great regard for the thespian.

She confesses that she’s not much of a movie buff and that she has only watched a few films that Puneeth has acted in but she’s thrilled about Puneeth’s performance in Raaj the Showman and says this is one movie that Puneeth has truly excelled in. “My wife is my best critic. There are times when she tells me that I have overacted in a particular scene and that my dance or a fight sequence is not up to the mark,” says Puneeth.

Ashwini and the children accompany Puneeth on his shooting schedules abroad. “My children and I go sight seeing and shopping while Puneeth shoots.”

Ashwini is close to most of Puneeth’s female co-stars and therefore there is a certain level of comfort during such schedules. Besides lending silent support, Ashwini hasn’t really gotten involved much in the production of his films. But she chooses Puneeth’s costumes most of the time.

“He’s very brand conscious whether it’s his shoes, accessories or clothes. I am not a brand person and anything would do for me but now he’s bringing me around to being more brand wise,” she says.

Puneeth says that he has grown up watching his mother take active part in their home productions.

“She has made us what we are. She built the business and brought us thus far. It’s her determination, persistence and courage that have given us a boost,” says Puneeth, who believes that every woman has talent and that talent must be utilised to the hilt.

Puneeth’s children, both girls, Drithi and Vanditha, six and three years old, respectively, love watching their father on the screen.

“Vanditha is a very people’s person and she goes all out to shake hands and mix with people when we’re out. The older one is a little more reserved,” says Ashwini.

The kids are taken out to parties, shooting schedules and are accustomed to travelling.

The couple loves globetrotting, shopping and reading. And, of course, spending weekends with the kids is what makes for their quality time.

“I am a foodie and have my favourites, Puneeth is more controlled and doesn’t indulge as much as I do,” Ashwini signs off.

(This is a republished article. The original was published in in 2009 and can be read here.)

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