Spectre of drought over Raichur

Spectre of drought over Raichur

  The district administration, in a letter addressed to the Gulbarga Regional Commissioner, has brought the ground reality to the notice of the government.

Agriculture Department had set a target of cultivation in 2.90 lakh hectares this year.

However, the calculation went awry with the rain god frowning. Sowing was carried out in a  total of 1,44,268 hectares out of which crops in 82,000 hectares have failed.

The normal rainfall for the district as at the end of July is 243.4 mm. However, it has rained only 89.7 mm in June and 157 mm up to July 27. Paddy sown in the month of July is also showing all signs of failure as it has not rained copiously in July.

Greengram sown in 2,407 hectares castor in 905 hectares and other crops in 2,068 hectares have failed abysmally causing extensive damage. Principal crops such as sunflower, bajra, groundut, cotton and toor may meet the same fate if it does not rain in the next one week.

Bajra in 18,000 hectares (sown in 36,773 hectares) sunflower in 43,636 hectares (sown in 46,000 hectares), cotton in 6,900 hectares, groundnut in 5,116 hectares and toor in 10,242 hectares will be damaged in the event of deficit rainfall.

Even the crops dependent on borewell-water are facing failure as groundwater table has depleted, according to the report submitted by the district administration.

Fodder shortage

The district, as of now has fodder stocks that would last for 20 weeks. Problem may arise in case of absence of rains. Priority may have to be given for opening fodder banks, goshalas and taking up drought relief works in the event of the situation worsening, according to the report.