'Virus very intelligent, attacks only at gym, theatre'

Coronavirus very intelligent, attacks only at gym, theatre: ‘Duniya’ Vijay

Vijay said the government’s decision is detrimental to the film industry of the state

'Duniya Vijay'. Credit: DH file photo.

Sandalwood cine star ‘Duniya’ Vijay said coronavirus seems to be very intelligent, as it contracts only those people who visit gyms and cinema halls and not those who attend political rallies and religious events.

Expressing his anguish against the state government’s decision to allow only 50% seating capacity at cinema halls from April 7, he said the government’s decision is detrimental to the film industry of the state.

“There is no logic behind the state government’s decision in imposing 50% capacity at cinema halls. Since the cinema halls were allowed to operate at 100% capacity, two major movies were released and both of them went on to become blockbusters. And there has been no instance on record, which directs at the spread of Covid-19 cases from a movie hall. This being the case, why is the government imposing the ban?,” he said.

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Salaga, Vijay and ‘Daali’ Dhananjay starer movie, which is scheduled to hit the theatres in the coming days will be affected by the state government’s decision of 50% capacity at theatres.

The government is treating as if all the Covid-19 cases increasing in Karnataka is due to ‘cinema people’, said Vijay and added that government should start treating Covid-19 just like small-pox, plague, cholera and others. “Covid-19 is going to stay with us for a long time. We, as humans have to take precautionary measures to survive from it. Restricting moviegoers for this is not feasible,” he said.

Salaga producer K P Srikanth said shooting and post-production of the movie was completed a year ago. However, due to pandemic, the movie could not hit the screens. Now, the crew and cast of the movie have decided that it would not release the movie till the government reverts its decision and allow 100% occupancy at cinema halls.

Hunger more deadly

Dhananjay said the government should understand that hunger is killing more people than Coronavirus. “Thousands of families are depending on Sandalwood. Producers have invested huge money in movies. By restricting entry in cinema halls the government is pushing the industries, which is already in deep crises, into further troubles,” he said.