Transgenders demand sites, housing facilities

Transgenders demand sites, housing facilities


Madilu Samudaya Sevasamsthe Treasurer Spoorthi has appealed to the district administration to sanction sites and housing facilities for transgenders and has also demanded a survey of transgenders in Chikkamagaluru. 

Spoorthi said, “Transgenders have submitted applications seeking sites and housing facilities. However, the authorities concerned have not sanctioned them so far.” 

“Our parents have thrown us out of the house. Parents do not claim us as their own. None of the business establishments recruit us for work. We are in distress. Banks are also not coming forward to sanction loans to us to take up self-employment. The banks harass us to get documents. We have Aadhaar and voters identity card. We are yet to get BPL card as we failed to submit income certificate. When our parents have thrown us on the streets, from where should we get income certificate?” asked Spoorthi. 

Spoorthi said, “We spend nights in bus stands, market premises and vacant sites. Eking out a living is a challenge.” 

Megha Malnad said, “A few transgenders are successful after taking up self-employment. Anju from Lingadahalli is engaged in farming and has successfully cultivated potato.” 

Sangama institute coordinator Mahesh said there is a need to conduct a census of transgenders in the district. As per the available statistics with Madilu, there are 450 transgenders in the district.