Music & dance reviews

Music & dance reviews

Music & dance reviews

Navarasa Nayaka

‘Natya Priya’, an established dance school of Bangalore, has trained a number of young aspirants in Bharathanatya, under the direction of Padmini Ramachandran, from last 35 years. In the ‘Nrithya Kala Mela’ held at their own premises ‘Nrithya Kshetra’, a number of young students performed and exhibited their talent. For instance, in ‘Astalakshmi’ they presented Dhana Lakshmi, Santhana Lakshmi beautifully. Changing the roles in quick succession, they performed with ease and assurance. Kanya, the senior dancer chose a beautiful lyric of ‘Anthapura Geethe’ (DVG) in which her graceful Abhinaya came to the fore. Few episodes from Shiva Purana were performed in the ‘Navarasa Nayaka’.

Dramatising the popular story like - Markandeya, Bhasmasura, Vishakanta - they exhibited their good training and talent. P Rama and Balasubramanya Sharma's melodious vocal music enhanced the impact of the dance recital, while Padmini Ramachandran (natuvanga), Janardhan (mridanga), Mahesh (flute) and Dr Nataraj Murthy (violin) - supported from the wings.

Sangeetha Surabhi

The Nadasurabhi Cultural Association conferred this year's "Sangeetha Surabhi" award (a purse of Rs 25,000/- and a citation) on Padmabhushana Lalgudi Jayaraman, which was received by his son Krishnan. Seven music concerts were also held as part of the Annual music festival.

M S Sheela, who performed in the festival, is a senior and reputed vocalist of the state. Shankarabharana, a major and popular raga, was her choice, for a detailed airing. It is a ancient raga, in which most of the composers have composed compositions. Touching the pivotal swaras, she brought a well reasoned imagery to the raga and the krithi "yaduta neela" acquired a special delight. Earlier "Neela kantam Bhaje" was on the traditional track and "yeti Janma" is always a pleasant krithi.

The Chitteswara of "Mahadeva" (Devamanohari) was also attractive. The "Meena Lochani" of Muthaiah Bhagavathar with Nerval, was tuneful and sung with good feeling. Audience also enjoyed the devotionals like "Noduvude Kannu" and "Gayathi Vanamali". Itwas a neat, nicely balanced recital, which left an indelible impact.

Hamsadwani puraskara

The Hamsadwani Creations conducted the Tenth Annual Music Festival in collaboration with the Gayana Samaja. The "Hamsadwani Puraskara" was presented on the occasion to Vidwan S Mahadevappa (Violinist), Vidwan Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma (Percussionist) and Ananya (organisation). The music concert started very late as the function was prolonged till 8-15 pm.

Though the "Kacheri" got less than an hour, the musicians enthralled the well attended music lovers, with their skill and experience. Mysore Nagaraj and Mysore Manjunath presented just one raga, but played with all its colours! Hamsadwani raga suited the occasion, as it was the name of the organisation also! The alapana was embellished with lively phrases touching the "Jeevaswaras" gently.

A dazzling array of swara prasthara followed, highlighting the beautiful contours of the raga, providing thrills.  Their imagination was in full swing and the Pallavi elaborated with attractive sangathies.

It is a pleasure and proud thing to observe that how this violin masters have blossomed into a fragrant flower of artistry. Experienced Mridangist Arjun Kumar supported with his powerful strokes and Guru Prasanna on Khanjari, followed the suit.

Bharathanatya recital

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducted the annual "Bhavanothsava" last week. Swetha Lakshman, who gave a Bharathanatya recital in the series, is not a stranger to connoisseurs of dance. She began with a "Gurusthuthi" (Purvi Kalyani) with bright promise. The varna "Swamiya karadu thare" (Padminy Rao - Keera vani) also revealed fair competence. The Theermanams were welded with due care. With restrained but convincing manner her Abhinaya was also impressive. The Sri Raga composition and the Thillana (Swathi Thirunal) were also rendered appealingly. Shreyas (natuvanga), Neela Ramanuja (vocal) S V Giridhar (mridanga), Karthik Sathavalli (flute) and Madhusudan (violin) - supported the dancer.