Billionaire Facebook founder likes worn jeans, cheap T-shirts

Last Updated : 24 September 2010, 08:18 IST
Last Updated : 24 September 2010, 08:18 IST

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The man responsible for connecting over 500 million people across the world through social networking site Facebook could easily pass off as an ordinary 26-year-old.
The Sun Friday reported that Zuckerberg, who is said to be worth 4.3 million pounds, he wears jeans, cheap T-shirt and flip-flops.

In fact, he does not own the four-bedroom house where he lives in Palo Alto, California. He pays a relatively modest 3,500 pounds a month as rent. He doesn't even have a posh sports car, instead driving a Japanese saloon.

Zuckerberg prefers to unwind after work by heading to a bar to have beer and eat fast food with workmates. He also likes going out with his 25-year-old girlfriend Priscilla Chan to a cheap yet cheerful meal at a Mexican restaurant.

"It's amazing - Mark doesn't seem at all bothered about fancy cars and expensive possessions. He's still living like a college kid.

"He will eat lunch in the canteen with the other workers. A lot of the employees actually have nicer cars than his," a Facebook source was quoted as saying.

The web entrepreneur and reluctant celebrity was born in the New York suburb of Dobbs Ferry on May 14, 1984. His dad was a dentist and mum a psychiatrist, the media report said.

In 2004 he launched Facebook and moved to Palo Alto in northern California. Since then he has been in his rented home a short walk from Facebook headquarters. His neighbours don't earn six-figure salaries. A local resident said: "We are just regular working folks round here. It's cool to have a billionaire living on the street but he does not stand out.

"He mostly keeps himself to himself and doesn't have wild parties or anything like that. He'll often walk to work. He seems happy with his lifestyle for now."
When Zuckerberg has his evenings off, he and his girlfriend enjoy dinner at local Mexican Café del Sol. On one visit the couple queued on the street for a table for 10 minutes with the rest.

A local at the bar frequented by the billionaire said: "He just blends in with the other customers. He could be any other office worker enjoying a few beers. He doesn't flash his cash around."

Zuckerberg is down-to-earth, but is always glued to his iPhone. An eyewitness who saw him at a ceremony at California's Stanford Business School said: "He was sat at the back, tapping away on his phone the whole time. There was a funny moment when one of the speakers on stage mentioned Facebook. "One of his friends nudged him and they laughed.

Published 24 September 2010, 05:51 IST

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