Hilarious 'tie story' to reminisce

Last Updated 22 October 2010, 16:00 IST

“I s the knot on the tie perfect?” Sagar, an engineering student asks his roommate and gives himself a final look in the mirror as he leaves to take up his first interview at campus recruitment.

Campus recruitment always bring along jobs and plenty of excitement. The apprehension before the written tests, the fierce debates in group discussions and the nervousness of facing an interview to get the first job brings forth pleasant memories to many.

However, the struggle that goes on among many college students just before facing an interview in campus leads to many hilarious moments.  For many students who spend their time strolling around in jeans and t-shirts, getting into a formal attire turns out to be quite excruciating.

The trouble is with finding correct combination of a trouser, formal shirt, tie and shoe.


Reminiscing about his first job interview during campus recruitment, employee of an IT firm, Sunil remarked that he had to borrow a tie and formals shoes from his roommate to attend his interview.

 “During the first few days of placements, everybody wants to take up interviews and there’s a huge demand for a tie during those days. Guys who used to take the interviews first, remove it and hand it over to their friends.”


Recalling an interesting incident, during placements, Sunil said that there was an interview for a company which had a panel of three who were really making life difficult for all the guys who went inside. So when the final guy came for the interview, Sunil says, “He gets drilled by the questions as the others.

Then finally when the candidate is just about to leave, the interviewer laughs and tells him ’More than you guys, the tie must have got bored listening to our questions?’”


The placement season also means that its time to give plenty of advise and inputs. Students seen huddled into groups, trying to gulp as much information as they can before giving their final shot at the interviews is a common sight during campus recruitment.

But the final moments of waiting for the result, can be quite excruciating, says Suhas. But the final parting shot is when you hear some one say, “You know what, that guy passed the interview because he was wearing my tie.”

(Published 22 October 2010, 16:00 IST)

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