AAP readies for last-mile battle, focus on booths

AAP readies for last-mile battle, focus on booths

The Aam Aadmi Party is going careful on booth management.

 The party has initiated an intensive training programme for its booth agents. 

AAP is also urging more and more volunteers to help the party win the last-mile battle for election by working as a booth agent. 

“We need thousands of volunteers to become our booth agents. Please share this widely as it’s an urgent requirement,” said the party in a Facebook post. 

Shekhar Mishra, a graphic designer said, “I am repeatedly getting messages from the party asking to SMS my voter ID.” Two months ago, he had registered himself as a member of the party. 

“Booth agent is a representative of the party and is extremely important to ensure that the votes are cast properly on the polling day and to ensure that no fake voting takes place,” said AAP. 

Using experience

In the Delhi Assembly elections in December 2013, the party had trained five persons per booth. But this time, they plan to engage more volunteers. 

“The booth agents are being trained to ensure that correct voters are voting. In cases of irregularities, the booth agents would report to the party,” said an AAP member. 

BJP and Congress, which are poll veterans, are also conducting training programmes for their booth agents. 

The official end of campaigning for the Lok Sabha poll in the city by 6 pm on Tuesday only meant it was over only in terms of roadshows, rallies, meetings and pamphlets. The parties are also planning to carry out indoor meetings.