'BJP cannot destabilise coalition govt'

'BJP cannot destabilise coalition govt'

S L Bhoje Gowda

The coalition government in the state is stable and the BJP cannot destabilise the government, said MLC S L Bhoje Gowda. 

Speaking to reporters on Monday, he said the BJP is in distress after the JD(S)-Congress coalition government was formed in the state. It had tried to destabilise the government several times in the past.

"The BJP has been stating that it will form the government during every festival. It is not a child's play to destabilise the government. The BJP leaders are daydreaming of toppling the government," said the MLC.

"The Congress and JD(S) have been traditional rivals in the past. As a result, it is common to get differences in the coalition government. Both the party senior leaders have directed the MLAs and MLCs to not react to the criticisms by the opposition. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi's jibe on the chief minister that the grand alliance has made him a mere clerk, both the chief minister and Congress leaders have clarified the issue," he added.

The MLC said that the state budget will be presented on February 8.

"We are discussing the projects that can be initiated in the district with District In-charge Minister K J George," said Gowda. 

Stating that Karagada lift irrigation project is unscientific, he said the money is being wasted and farmers are inconvenienced. There is a need to initiate an enquiry against officials who had taken up unscientific work. 

"It is impossible to release water to canals using the motor every time. Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council S L Dharme Gowda had convened a meeting of the officials to discuss over the solution to the problem in Karagada project."