Legal Battle Unfolds Between Basketball Federation of India and Captains Professional Basketball League

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New Delhi, 30 May, 2024: In a recent legal development, a Court in Karnataka has issued a restraining order against the Basketball Federation of India (BFI), halting any further tender processes for the running of a professional league until 10th June 2024. This decision comes in response to BFI's unilateral publication of a new tender on 27th May 2024, in violation of an existing contract with Captains Professional Basketball League (CPBL).

Previously, BFI had awarded the tender to CPBL for hosting basketball matches nationwide and promoting the sport at the grassroots level to nurture new talent. However, tensions arose when INBL Pro was launched with international stars in an exhibition match on 10th May 2024. Prior to this event, BFI approached the Delhi High Court on 9th May 2024, contesting CPBL's authority to host the exhibition match, despite CPBL being the rightful contract awardee.

After a thorough review, the High Court ruled in favor of CPBL's right to host the match, highlighting the breach of terms and conditions by BFI for issuing a new tender on 27th May 2024 while CPBL held the existing rights for another 5 years.

In response to the contract violation, CPBL sought legal recourse, leading the Court to issue an interim order restricting BFI from opening new bids until the case is heard on 10th June 2024. This legal development marks a significant step for CPBL in its legal dispute with BFI.

The rise of professional sports leagues in India, following the success of the Indian Premier League, has opened doors for various sports, including basketball. CPBL's INBL PRO League aims to provide a platform for emerging talent while integrating local and global players.

With a vision to invest over 300 crores in the game over the next 5 years, CPBL is dedicated to elevating basketball in India to a global standard.

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Published 31 May 2024, 11:55 IST

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