Need quicker GST refunds process: Vista Rooms

This government has been quite proactive in tourism-related initiatives

By Pranav Maheshwari

"This government has been quite proactive in tourism-related initiatives. Udaan is one of the initiatives that is already taken to connect the entire country via airline routes, and building airports and the railways will be important even going forward. This government has also been very quick to build roads and highways, so we are hopeful that this will continue, making offbeat destinations more accessible. Electrification and the availability of power supply 24 x 7 are very important from a local tourism perspective as well.

Besides infrastructure, from a startup point of view, I think we are looking forward to quick processes for GST refunds so that the working capital isn’t blocked.

I think what affects tourism the most in India is the spending power for the middle class, so if the government takes measures to ensure that the middle class has disposable income, that is something that would inevitably benefit the travel and tourism industry."

The author is co-founder, Vista Rooms

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