Bengaluru startup can make your scooter hybrid: Report

Bengaluru startup can make your scooter hybrid: Report

E-kit, a retrofittable and reversible product will make your traditional petrol scooter a hybrid in 30 minutes

Representative image (Image by succo from Pixabay)

Bangalore based company Meladath Auto Components converts your petrol-powered scooter to a petrol-electric hybrid, according to a report by The Economic Times.

Rakesh Meladath Karunakaran along with his wife Winnie Gangadharan started the company in 2016 to make adoption of electric vehicles easier with lower consequences compared to fully-electric scooters. 

The company has designed an e-kit product that is retrofittable to any scooter with a petrol motor with just four additional parts. The startup promises that the patented product will reduce the cost of ownership and increase the fuel efficiency of the scooter by 40%. It claims that converting existing scooter into hybrid scooters will help reduce vehicle density by not encouraging to buy new electric vehicles.

The reversible installation of this kit will kill range anxiety that plagues electric vehicles, co-founder Karunakaran told the publication.

The product is yet to be commercialised but the co-founder told the website that their brand has been registered as ‘Ezee Hybrid’ and has received several enquiries on starting dealerships for the product across India.

Karnataka government’s ELEVATE 100 start-up development program funded the company that was bootstrapped through personal savings and family funds, reports the publication.