Infosys using AI, machine learning to transform biz

Last Updated 22 June 2019, 18:47 IST

Infosys, India's second largest IT services company, is relying on extreme automation and artificial intelligence to transform clients' business and address challenges, Chairman Nandan Nilekani said on Saturday.

"We are relying on extreme automation to free up our people to focus more on solving client challenges, mentoring their teams and investing in learning for digital transformation of their business," he said while addressing the company's shareholders during the 38th annual general meeting here.

The company is making consistent efforts to ensure that its clients have immediate access to ideas emanating from across the organisation, so that they can leverage the best of Infosys every time they interact with the company, he said.

"In fact, we first implement our ideas for ourselves, hone them at speed and scale, and only then advocate their use to our clients," Nilekani said.

As their clients operate in an increasingly complex world disrupted by many digital technologies, and they are looking at Infosys to partner with them in this new era, he said.

The company would provide a roadmap to transform its clients' IT infrastructure into digital infrastructure, he said.

"Our work across industries, value chains and geographies give us keen insights into the pattern of changes transforming the fundamental wiring across a diverse set of businesses. We know that with this understanding, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in picking the right signals and to discover what's next," Nilekani stated.

Infosys can explain to its clients how their new competitors with a 'winner take all' approach are forging ahead to often change the rules of the game. "We can contribute to shaping counter moves that bring data together with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to chart new ways of creating value.

The company has been working relentlessly to rebuild its 200,000+ people organisation to operate with the speed and flexibility of a startup. "We are renewing legacy systems and discarding legacy mindsets. We are becoming agile in our responses to a rapidly changing environment, and with it increasing the velocity of ideas and innovations we generate and execute," Nilekani added.

Guided by the strategy of chief executive Salil Parekh, the IT behemoth is increasing its relevance to clients and building a greater business model resilience, he stated.

(Published 22 June 2019, 18:47 IST)

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