Twitter brings new search button within profile pages

Twitter brings new search button within profile pages

Though Twitter introduced the search feature a long time ago, it was still a bit tedious to find a tweet posted by a particular person. The search function was generic and would only show results with matching keywords. 

Now, Twitter has introduced a new search button on each profile's page. This will help in finding the tweet of that particular handle more accurately than ever before.

This feature will certainly help people dig embarrassing or comedic tweets of a celebrity or an organisation and tease them.

Also, it will help find a particular article, which they vaguely remember and only know the person's Twitter handle name tweeting about it. There, users can go to that person's Twitter handle and type a keyword related to that article on the search tab and find it easily.

This new search button was first made available to select users in October. Now, it is available to all using the iOS-based Twitter app for iOS.

It is expected to be made available on the Android version soon.

In a related development, Twitter now allows all users to host 'Spaces' live audio chatrooms on its platform. Previously, it was exclusive to high-profile people with a high follower counts.

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