BBMP to hold polls again

BBMP to hold polls again

Deputy Mayor Ramila Umashankar

Following the death of Deputy Mayor Ramila Umashankar, the BBMP will now begin the procedure to elect a candidate for the post.

Regional Commissioner Shivayogi Kalasad said: "Whenever a vacancy of a post is created, sometimes due to a sudden death like this, the BBMP commissioner will bring this to our notice to initiate further proceedings."

He also said that a notification will be issued to conduct the polls for the post again, and in the meantime, parties will decide upon the candidate.

"The polls will be held following the calendar of events," he added.

The state election commission will also hold bypolls for the Kaveripura ward as Ramila was the councillor. Kalasad said this might take some more time as a period of six months is given to hold bypolls in such circumstances.